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Sketches with processing

a few sketches-fractals-math diagrams created with Processing, canvas and p5js
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Nature's spalette

Fostering curiosity in children about resources available in natural environments, through colours.
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My friend Mr Leakey

A book design project
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Visualizing radiology data - Predible health report

A physical 2D data visualization of radiology data.
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Mukha Shilpa - Mask making

Documentation and leaning Mukha Shilpa - Mask making of Majuli Assam, India

Journey so far...

Visual Analytics Developer

2021 - Present

As a Data Analytics Developer, I am a part of the Visual Analytics Hub at Eli Lilly, India. My role is to design and develop Data viz for Research teams at Lilly, my core activities:

  • Design data visualization for different therapeutic areas at Lilly.
  • Development of the designed data viz
  • Perform user research and create personas to understand our data visualization audiences and stakeholders

User Experience Specialist

2019 - 2021

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. My role as a User Experience Specialist was to provide a better experience in the Verification and Validation area, my core activities:

  • User research to find challenges and pain points of our user through a series of user interviews and discussions.
  • Find areas to intervene and design and modify user workflow.
  • Design User Interfaces.
  • Conduct Usability tests to determine the success of the design changes.

M.Des in Interaction Design

2017 - 2019

BE in Computer Science and Engineering

2013 - 2017
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