Imagining people as flowers.

An exploration to nudge connection between coworkers by using Flowers to represent their vivid interest and expertise. This was done as a pet project during my work at Eli Lilly, India.
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Flower project started as a discussion with my then manager at Eli Lilly India, Anand Sawkar. We were discussing Data visualization and were wondering if there was a way to know if anybody in our office is a superhero movie enthusiast ;) . And then we started wondering if we can have a playful Data viz to know if folks at Lilly, share common intersets. Would it strike up conversations? Find folks to play football over the weekends? Or perhaps, watch superhero movies?

In a nutshell, this project imagines people as a flower, with each attribute as a part of the flower. It gives a glipse of the person through their expertise, experience, hobbies and activities, and how similar/dissimilar one is from the rest.

You can visit the live demo here. It is still a work in progress, and I would love to hear if you ahve any feedback on they same. Please share your messages over my email :)