Visualizing radiology data - Predible health report

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Predible Health is an AI startup. They work with Artificial Intelligence to draw out information from Radiology data. We collaborated on a project to create physical reports for the users – Pulmonologist, radiologist, and patients. The objective of the project was to find an effective way of representing the Lung CT Scan data into a medical report, specially catered to our target users. The data we wanted to present was divided into three sections: Nodule analysis data, Low Attenuation analysis data, and High Attenuation analysis data. Throughout the design process, we faced two major challenges. The first being visualizing data primarily presented as 3D projections into a 2D surface. The second was to arrange and visualize in a way both suitable for experts and patients.

After numerous iterations, we were able to come up with this final report. This is now approved by experts and is in use.