Supriya Dutta
Interaction Designer
600 years of Ahom Kingdom
An interactive story narrative designed primarily to understand the Ahom Kingdom through data-visualizations.
Type of Project
Data Visualization

Tools used

Ahoms dynasty were the most celebrated in assamese history. With a successful reign of 600 years they were able to enrich Assam with agriculture, architecture, cultural richness and different scientific interventions. Historical records of Ahom dynasty are available in very rich textual formats. However, these texts are designed primary for historians and doesn't inspire a casual read.

The aim of this project is to transform the textual accounts of history to a more accessible medium. An exploratory approach was made to convert the data available into a data-driven story narrative , and help audience drive their own inputs from the visualizations .

The project in the form of a interactive website is expected to reach more audience. The users will be able to interact with the data and derive their own inferences about the kingdom. The output designed is launched as an desktop based interactive website, where people are invited to interact with the data and draw inferences from it. The prototype is evaluated through a evaluation plan prepared; feedback received is used in further improvement of the project through various stages.


Last modified on 2018-12-27