Supriya Dutta
Interaction Designer
Zuci: Multiplayer Phy-gital game
Want to construct your own instrument? or better, your own music studio?
Type of Project
Game Design, Interaction Design

Tools used
Unity, Photoshop, Illustrator, Colors and Paper
Tools used
Folk musical instruments form an integral part of one's community. Due to the lack of practitioners, rigorous processes of construction(of these instruments) the audience base of these instruments have decreased considerably.

The goal of this project was to help create awareness and understanding of the folk musical instruments. From the documentation available in "Barluitor Barbaibhav" (authored by Rinumoni Baruah and Chandrasekhar Sarmah , published by Barbaibhav Production) and with help from Brahmaputra Cultural Foundation, we tried to extract different attributes associated with these musical instruments.

We wanted to leverage the interactivity and social engagement a game provides and decided to use game design as an approach to this problem statement We aimed to create a game which would focus on the construction of each of the musical instruments, raw materials needed, where they can be obtained from, how they sound like, and how to mix their sounds together to create traditional or custom soundtracks.

ZUCI: phygital multiplayer game


Last modified on 2019-07-22